12 Days of Self-Care & Christmas Cheer

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Christmas can be a beautiful time of year. A time we celebrate family, reflect on ourfaith, shower loved ones with gifts, and indulge in way too much food. I also know that Christmas can be a hard time of year for some. Christmas is emotional when you’ve lost someone you love whether that is through death, distance, or separation. Christmas is heavy when you experience poverty and you can’t live up to society’s expectations of gifts, food, and indulgence. Christmas is disappointing when you’re lonely or your family is full of conflict and unmet expectations. For me the joy of Christmas can also be lost in the hustle and bustle and ‘stuff’ that comes with Christmas holidays. Do you ever feel like the Christmas season is overwhelming? Like Christmas has lost depth and meaning?   

Thankfully the themes written above aren’t the end of the story…. There is hope even when any or all of those negative things are present. The beautiful thing about the true meaning of Christmas is that it comes from within. JOY, HOPE, & LOVE are not based on our external worlds. They are a part of who we are as humanity and need to be nurtured and shared.

This Christmas season, I invite you to give yourself a very special, intangible gift – the gift of self-care, and Christmas cheer, bringing back meaning to the holidays.

It is only through taking care of ourselves – our true, inner selves that we can find those things such as joy, hope, and love this Christmas season. 


As a special gift I am emailing my subscribers a 12 Days of Self-Care and Christmas Cheer advent calendar that I would love to invite you to participate with me in. I also invite you to follow us on Instagram @sarah_mentallyhealthyme so we can share in this journey together! 

Calendar sneak-peek

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If you are experiencing any of the challenges listed in the first paragraph know that you are not alone and that there are many beautiful ways we can love through the pain! For example: redefine family: if you struggle with your family redefine what family looks like and have a nice Christmas potluck meal with all the people in your life you love. Poverty-ask for help. There are a number of churches and charities around the world this time of year who are willing to help make Christmas happen, just ask. Loss: if you’ve lost a loved one there are some beautiful ways you can remember them through Christmas traditions such as writing down your favourite Christmas memory of them, buying a Christmas ornament that acknowledges that person’s presence in your home at Christmas, making a donation in their honour etc.

Lastly, I am so excited about my January blog series – Rediscovering Happiness, which will involve a 30 day challenge. Subscribe to stay tuned!

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4 Comments on “12 Days of Self-Care & Christmas Cheer

  1. I can’t wait to try tomorrow’s as there is a coffee place right beside my work. 🙂 Also, thanks for the meditation examples. A beautiful calendar for self care!


  2. So for my day one, I enjoyed some hot apple cider at Starbucks on my lunch. Delicious. It was nice to remember during a work morning that I was going to get a delicious drink on my lunch and and intentionally treat myself. 🙂


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