The Count Down is On – 12 Days of Self-care & Christmas Cheer

Hey everyone,

I invite you to join us on this journey of Self-care this Christmas season. If you missed yesterday’s post check it out! 12 Days of Self-Care & Christmas Cheer subscribe and send me a message if you missed it and I will be sure to pass it along.

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Day 1 – Today was a very cold snowy day in South Western Ontario so I was happy to treat myself to a Chai tea latte and a stroll through chapters. Comment below on how you fulfilled task #1!


Day 2 – Compliment a stranger! Since I am home sick today with the flu(and not in contact with strangers) I decided to find a stranger on Instagram and compliment them on their photo.

Day 3- find an inspirational quote and place it somewhere you will see daily. I love snow and how much joy and beauty it brings to my world so I thought this quote was fitting. We are all different and unique and special!


Day 4 – beautiful walk in my neighbourhood with my family. The crunching of snow, giggles from my girls, the earth shimmers. I love winter!


Day 5 – try meditation. Take even just 5 minutes! 5 min Meditation video or Meditation & Mindfulness 


Day 6 – journal 5 things you are thankful for and 3 things you like about yourself….


Day 7 – Try Yoga.

Day – 8 buy someone a coffee or tea. I bent the rules a little and bought someone an alcoholic beverage instead.

Day 9 – email a co-worker.

Day 10 – try a new receipe… Or when you have a stressful day at work, order pizza! Good self-care is knowing what y you need and doing it!


Follow us @mentallyhealthy_me or @mentallyhealthymama

2 Comments on “The Count Down is On – 12 Days of Self-care & Christmas Cheer

  1. My day 3 quote: “Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth” Posting this at work on my bulletin board. Every time I see this quote it resonates with me deeply.


  2. We are now on Dec 19th. I was confused and a day behind. Christmas time does that to me 🙂 Going to try some chair yoga today. Yesterday, my gratitude was high for the Dec. 18th challenge. Here are 5 things I was grateful for: running, family, beautiful snowy weather, cheerful community, and a warm bed and house to sleep in. 3 things I love about myself: how often I smile, how much I’ve learned this year in my new job role, and my perseverance in the place where I live. for Dec 17th, my meditation was during my running, where the streets lights and falling snow were mesmerizing to focus on. I was filled with wonder. Happy holidays! And thanks for the advent calendar.


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