Rediscovering Happiness

January is a dark, blah month for most people. We are having a literal and metaphorical ‘sugar crash’. Our bodies are burnt out from the increase in sugar and carbs, the extra alcohol or eggnog, and exhausted from the many late nights, that December brings. At the same time we also experience an emotional low. We are either coming down from the hype and excitement of Christmas or January magnifies and intensifies our feelings of loneliness and grief. January also has some of the longest, coldest, and darkest days. This is exactly why I chose January to be the month of Rediscovering Happiness in order to encourage a month of mental health, wellness, and healing.

Are you happy? What defines happiness for you? Do you ever feel like happiness is always just out of reach? Unfortunately as a society we have created a backwards formula for reaching happiness. We have placed happiness on the other side of success. But, as many of you know we don’t always reach ‘success’ or we change our measure of success along our journey and therefore never reach happiness. What if happiness was something that wasn’t determined by our external world but was instead something we each harness from within? Wow… how the world would be a different place! Often our greatest barrier to happiness is ourselves; the negative thoughts we let take over our minds.

Shawn Achor does a fabulous and humorous Tedx Talk on the Happiness Advantage which is fascinating and so important in our journey of rediscovering happiness. I invite you to watch this funny and engaging video as we are going to use his ‘simple steps’ as the basis of our 30 day challenge.

According to Shawn Achor’s research and many others there a couple small things that you can do to create new neuropaths in your brain – ones that encourage positive, happy thoughts. Research shows that it takes about 21 days for a new thought pattern to become the preferred pathway. Therefore I invite you to join me on this 30 day challenge to rediscovering happiness.

For 30 days I encourage you to commit to faithfully participate – the only person who gains from this is you! Be sure to subscribe by Dec 31 in order to receive the online journal which will be released Jan 1.

secret to happy

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4 Comments on “Rediscovering Happiness

  1. Thank you for your timely post. I felt it last night. A sudden dark low. It took me by surprise. At the end of 3 days of family and friends and excitement, this feeling of anxious, sad, lonely emptiness came over me at bedtime. Doing better today, but it’s a mix of happy and strange time of year. Trying to stay in routine and eat/sleep well to keep up with my health. Thanks for your post which encourages me.


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