Bell Let’s Talk Day

Let’s Talk…

Social media and the internet have caused us a lot of concern with safety, overuse, fake news, unrealistic expectations of reality (ever seen those DIY Pinterest fails?), unlimited access to destructive or harmful information etc.

Well today let’s choose to use social media and the internet for good! Let’s work together to end the stigma of mental illness. Join me in supporting the Bell Let’s Talk Day! (There are also a number of great Apps for mental health such as Be Safe or mindfulness apps.)

1 in 3 will experience a mental illness at some point in their life, which pretty much means we are all affected by mental illness whether we are affected ourselves or in supporting our friends and family. WE ARE ALL IMPACTED BY MENTAL HEALTH. Are you doing what you need to be mentally healthy? Check out my blog, Mental Health vs. Mental Illness if you want to learn more about the different between mental illness and mental health.

Let’s commit to supporting each other and respecting each other. Part of my job involves educating students on social and emotional learning/skills. We are currently learning about empathy – “feeling and/or understanding how others feel”. Next time before you make a judgement try putting yourself in that person’s shoes and having empathy.

Here is a great video on empathy for your children – Walk, Walk, Walk by Second Step

Today is BELL LET’S TALK DAY. Below is links to how you can join in the conversation and support those with mental illness.    

Bell Let’s Talk – How to get involved and raise money for a good cause!

Bell will donate 5 cents for every person who watches this video Watch & Share on FB

Follow us @mentallyhealthy_me or @mentallyhealthymama

One Comment on “Bell Let’s Talk Day

  1. Lovely post! I really like the video on empathy for children. We had a discussion on mental health at the Library this morning, our 2nd time doing it for Bell’s Let’s Talk day… great to see people coming out and talking about it. Without community, where would we be?


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