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Welcome to Mentally Healthy Me (Mama). I am so glad you stopped by! You will find below a little introduction to this blog, and the writer.

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Creating a mindset of abundance & gratitude

“…practice gratitude to honour what’s ordinary about our lives, because that is what’s truly extraordinary! 

Brene Brown
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How to have A healthy Relationship With Your Anxiety

Take your anxiety on a date! Say what?!?!

Just imagine if we courted our anxiety…

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RHYTHMS of life

As a parent of two little ones there used to be so many days when I would count down the hours until bedtime, when I could finally have a break. I didn’t want this to be what my relationship with my children felt like. I wanted to look forward to my time with them and to be a mom who is calm and nurturing. One of the things that I learned along the way was that children need flexibility, boundaries, and consistency. This is where rhythms come in.

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Mamas Supporting Mamas

Every Mama Needs A Clubhouse: Will You Join Ours?

Guest post by Debra Franke from Away in Autumn

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