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Welcome to Mentally Healthy Me (Mama). I am so glad you stopped by! You will find below a little introduction to this blog, and the writer.

Whats in a name?

When I say relaxed, calm, and at peace, what picture or words come to mind? When I think of those words a picture forms in my mind of myself in the fall with the crisp autumn air around me, leaves rustling in the breeze, curled up on my porch, wearing a cozy knit sweater, with a warm tea in my hands, while reading a good book. This beautiful image is the reason why I originally named my blog Warm Tea & Cozy Sweaters, because I can’t help but be relaxed when I think of those two things. However, over this past year I have learned a number of things from the blogging world and one of them was that my picturesque blog name didn’t necessarily connect with my focus, goal, or readers. I needed a title that reached others – those who may be struggling with their mental health, or feeling overwhelmed and looking for strategies and encouragement. Therefore, as you can now see my blog has been rebranded and is called ‘Mentally Healthy Me‘. My goal is for you to find wellness, peace, encouragement, and healing through the content in this blog.

A letter to you…  

I see you. I see how tired you are, maybe its a little burnout. I see how hard it is to manage the demands of family, life, and work. I see that longing in your eyes for rest and rejuvenation. A chance to feel free and at peace again. I feel you. I feel all those mixed emotions you are struggling to process. I feel the chaos that fills your mind, which you spend each day trying to untangle and make sense of. And I hear you. I hear the life story you have to tell – unique yet familiar. I love this quote from Brene Brown, “we live messy, imperfect, wild, wonderful, heartbreaking, grace-filled, and joyful lives. We are called to a movement fuelled by the freedom that comes when we stop pretending that everything is okay, when it isn’t.” Everyone needs a little support sometimes, especially when we are going through difficult or unfamiliar experiences.

I have hope. My hope is that this blog may be a quaint little place you can turn to when you need to find rest, hear encouragement, or be reminded that you are not alone. I hope to provided you with knowledge, skills, and resources to help you overcome your life challenges. And I strive to provide my readers with a space to hold emotions, a place of safety and calm, and a certainty of the hope that can be found even in the midst of life’s most difficult experiences.

The story behind the blog…

Today, we live in a challenging culture; one that is fast-paced, demanding, promotes independence and individuality, and strives relentlessly for a socially constructed view of success. I believe that in many cases we have gotten turned backwards and upside down. Why do you think people are searching for things such as yoga, meditation, mindfullness, and minimalism? Because our bodies and spirits are crying for something different- something deeper. I have been that person. I have…. (check out About for the rest of the story behind the blog and to learn a little about me and my experiences).

Signing off…

I do not have all the answers to life’s big questions but I believe I have experiences, knowledge, lessons, and tools to share with you, both from my own life experiences as well as the lives around me of those who I have been blessed to share in. I started this blog as I wanted to share these resources and ideas with you as mental health affects us all! 

To gain a better understanding of what I mean and to work towards a shared language, I invite you to check out my blog post here – Mental health vs. mental illness #languagematters

I hope you find something here that resonates with you and encourages you to be who you were created to be!

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Mamas Supporting Mamas

Every Mama Needs A Clubhouse: Will You Join Ours?

Guest post by Debra Franke from Away in Autumn

Hey Mamas, do you remember that secret clubhouse we all adored or wanted to belong to, when we were kids? That tree fort, or garage, or abandoned shack where we sat on logs, drank Kool-Aid or a bottle of coke with a handful of licorice, scratched our initials in the wooden sun-patched walls, or gathered for roll call, our bikes sprawled in the long grass behind? The place where we could spill our problems, vent, build friendships, share about your lives, and feel like we belonged to something bigger than ourselves?

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How to Manage Your Panic Attacks

I first want to start by saying that you are not going crazy! You are not making all these symptoms up! And you are not alone! Mental health, including anxiety, are so often misunderstood and seen as ‘exaggerating or overreacting’. I want you to know that panic attacks are a real physiological thing that happens to some people. I also want to encourage you to talk to someone – talk to your doctor or a counsellor if you need further support for your panic attacks.

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7 tips for falling asleep when anxiety keeps you up!

I have heard you loud and clear! One of the main questions I get and themes that keeps popping up is SLEEP! Sleep is so so vital to how able we are to be who we were created to be and to be our best selves for our families, co-workers, clients/customers – whoever it is you serve throughout your day!

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3 Strategies for Coping with Anxiety and Stress

3 Strategies for Coping with Anxiety and Stress

Simple but super helpful, concrete strategies for anxiety, stress, & panic attacks!

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How to Let Go of Anxious Intrusive Thoughts

Today I am going to share with you three of the greatest strategies for stopping those intrusive/anxious thoughts. You know the ones I am talking about… that thought you just can’t seem to get out of your head no matter how hard you try! This is one of the first strategies I teach many of my students. I explain to them that this strategy is super simple #simpledoesn’tmeaneasy, proven to work, and will be useful in so many different areas of their lives. I also share that most adults haven’t yet learned these important skills.

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Fall: A Season of Mixed Emotions

Today is one of my favourite days…. the first day of fall! Who else loves warm tea, cozy sweaters, crisp air, and PUMPKINS?!? If you know me you know I am obsessed with pumpkin and all things fall… it makes me giddy!

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Live Simply: Grow, Care, Harvest, Share

When I look at the title I think, wow what a large topic to discuss but I can’t seem to find a way to narrow it down. We are learning so much on this topic and are excited to share our learning with you!

photo - thinking food

(side note, please recognize that these steps and actions are simply the way our family is journeying down this path of minimalism and simple living. Your journey or choices may be different than ours and that is ok. As long as you continue to work towards the overall goal of minimalism – which may also vary hehe). If you want to know our definition check out my first Minimalism blog post here.

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Minimalism – Living Simply

My husband and I have been pondering a lot about minimalism and living simply. Both terms have kind of become fads and of course businesses are using them to market new designs and to continue to suck us in to buying more, however we are slowly discovering the beauty and joy that can be found in living this way. As we wrestle through this journey we thought we would share some learnings and insights along the way….

Recently we have been wrestling with questions such as how can we live more simply and what does ‘living simply’ really mean. My husband just returned from a 48 hour solitude spiritual retreat (which means he went camping alone for 48 hours for a time of reflection and rejuvenation) and had some positive reflections on this topic. He was aware of how little he really needed in order to experience joy, and was surprised by what he craved or desired. He shared that he craved more quiet reflection time in nature, and more quality time with friends and family doing things he loved such as campfires, canoeing, fishing, and hiking. He didn’t miss any of the stuff or the business of life.

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Minimalism: A Purposeful, Never-ending, Life-giving Journey

I will preface that this blog series has been and will be my hardest to write as it is a passion of mine as well as a constant struggle. It is a large topic and I have so much to say, yet it is a never-ending journey of making purposeful decisions and life choices all while fighting against a culture of ‘more’ and ‘not enough’ – like a fish trying to swim in a river upstream, against the flow. I will do my best to organize my thoughts and control my ‘fire’. In this series, please feel free to comment below with questions or suggestions. Read More

Worry Less, Breathe More

Worry – to allow oneself to dwell on difficulty or troubles.

Have you ever felt worried about something or someone? I know I have, and I amguessing you have to. Have you ever felt completely consumed by worry? Felt like you were trapped, unable to escape? Maybe you felt like this flower – the beauty of who you are is held hostage or enslaved by the worry, fear, and stresses around you.

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