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Hey mama,  You are looking tired, flustered and overwhelmed. I am guessing you are feeling like you just can’t take anymore. And maybe you even feel alone. Like the other mom’s have it all together. Do you find yourself regularly hiding in the bathroom… Continue Reading “Dear Stressed out Mom: HOW TO RELIEVE STRESS WHEN LIFE FEELS HARD”

Creating a mindset of abundance & gratitude

“…practice gratitude to honour what’s ordinary about our lives, because that is what’s truly extraordinary!  Brene Brown

RHYTHMS of life

As a parent of two little ones there used to be so many days when I would count down the hours until bedtime, when I could finally have a break. I didn’t want this to be what my relationship with my children felt like.… Continue Reading “RHYTHMS of life”

3 Strategies for Coping with Anxiety and Stress

Bell Let’s Talk Day

Teaching Little Ones About BIG Emotions – Deep Breathing

Rediscovering Happiness

January is a dark, blah month for most people. We are having a literal and metaphorical ‘sugar crash’. Our bodies are burnt out from the increase in sugar and carbs, the extra alcohol or eggnog, and exhausted from the many late nights, that December… Continue Reading “Rediscovering Happiness”

The Count Down is On – 12 Days of Self-care & Christmas Cheer

Hey everyone, I invite you to join us on this journey of Self-care this Christmas season. If you missed yesterday’s post check it out! 12 Days of Self-Care & Christmas Cheer subscribe and send me a message if you missed it and I will be sure… Continue Reading “The Count Down is On – 12 Days of Self-care & Christmas Cheer”

12 Days of Self-Care & Christmas Cheer

The Brain, Stress, & Healing (part 1)

You might be wondering why I am writing a piece on the brain. Well, you may or may not know that our brains are key players in terms of how we respond to life, how we handle stress, and process emotions. Our brain is… Continue Reading “The Brain, Stress, & Healing (part 1)”