Meditation – By the Sea

Written Meditation

Find a quiet place. Get comfy. Be still. Notice your breathing.

Begin to slow your breathing down. In 2..3..4, hold 2…3…, out 2…3….4. Try it again.

In 2..3..4, hold 2…3…, out 2…3….4.    In 2..3..4, hold 2…3…, out 2… 3….4.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Picture yourself sitting on this bench. The warm Summer breeze. Who is in this place? Are you alone? Perhaps you are with someone else? Can you hear the seagulls flying by? The sound of boats bobbing in the waters?

Imagine the sensations of touch… is it cold? Are you pleasantly warm? Feel the breeze on your face or the warmth of the sun shining through the clouds. Feel the hard sturdy bench beneath you. Grounding you. The warm touch of a friend, pet, or lover. 

Notice the beauty around you – the colors, the glistening waters, a sense of peacefulness. Take another deep breath in In 2..3..4, hold 2…3…, out 2…3….4.

Can smell the sea? Can you hear the chuggin’ of boats or the bustling of people around you? Or is it quiet and all you can hear is the water splashing against the dock? ⠀

What are you doing in this peaceful place? Perhaps just sitting being present. Maybe visiting or out for a walk. Or sitting reading a good book; journaling your thoughts, hopes and dreams.

Imagine a feeling of calm… of peace. A place where you have no worries, cares or concerns, a place where you can simply rejuvenate and relax. Take a deep breath in… as you breathe out let your troubles or worries drift away like the water retreating from the shore.

Slowly turn your attention back to the present. Noticing your breathing. As you start to notice your surroundings and your body and mind returned to the present know that you can always return to this place in your mind whenever you need a break – a chance to rest!

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