Mindfulness – A Cuppa Tea

I invite you to try this beautiful mindful meditation experience. Mindfulness is exercise for the brain in training for a state of relaxation and calm. Allow your mind to be open.

Step 1: Make a cup of your favourite tea (or coffee)

Step 2: Find a cozy safe space. Hold the warm mug in your hands and follow the exercise below…

Mindfulness Exercise

Close your eyes. Turn your attention to your breathing. Focus on your lungs inflating with life-giving air, and deflating as you exhale negativity and stress. If at any time your attention wanders, don’t worry. Just bring it back to your breathing and continue.

I want you to think of a beautiful winter morning. The trees dusted with bright white
snow, shimmering in the sun and the cool crisp air that surrounds you. You decide to
make a delicious cup of your favourite tea. Feel the warmth of the mist rising from the kettle. You observe your cup of water as it slowly turns a soft colour, a familiar colour.

Focus again on your lungs inflating with life-giving air, and deflating as you exhale negativity and stress.

Now that your tea is ready, find a nice quiet place in your mind for you to sit and drink it. Maybe that’s on the peaceful veranda all cozy with a good book, or sitting down in front of a warm fire with a good friend. Once you’ve sat down, take a moment before starting, to simply sit with your tea and your thoughts.

Now I am going to bring you back to reality. Notice the cup in your hands. Is it light and delicate? Is it heavy? Sturdy? Now bring the cup to your nose and take a slow deep breath. Inhale the soft aroma that awakens your senses. Don’t judge it, just experience it and name it. Inhale one last time before you carefully take a sip. Note the temperature on your tongue. Take another sip. Feel the warmth as the liquid gracefully soothes your throat. Now as you sit and reflect upon your day appreciate the things that made you smile….., accept the challenges that lay ahead………. and acknowledge the blessings you experienced today.

You may open your eyes. The powerful aroma, calming qualities, and ordinary everyday nature of drinking tea make it an easy inclusion in daily life. Imagine how open and available we would  be to the day ahead if we could drink our tea/coffee this way each morning or how soundly and peacefully we would sleep if we ended each day with this reflection. I invite you to include this as part of your daily practice – journeying towards an intentional state of being.

“Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience”

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