“Every moment is a fresh beginning. This moment is yours!”

Sweet Relief is an online course to help you understand your worries & fears, ditch anxiety, and embrace calm – declaring abundance and joy over your life!

How do I know this course is right for me?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your anxiety and worries and you know you need to do something but don’t know what? Maybe your not ready to start a counselling journey or ongoing counselling is too expensive, or your too scared or ashamed to attend counselling. This course is a great place to start! *Disclaimer – this course should never replace professional support. It is only meant to be a self-help tool to get you started on this journey – AND is a great first step!

Nothing is ‘wrong’ with you.

You are not alone.

You will get through this!

You only have one chance to live a fulfilling life that your proud of… Don’t give anxiety & fear any more time and brain space than it needs!

I will walk you through a lifestyle and mindset shift in 3 simple steps…

Education & Awareness

The first step in making positive changes is to become aware of the ‘problem’, understand how it is affects you, and then learn the tools you need to overcome or manage it. I give you everything you need to confidently make last changes.

Mindset & Clarity

I give you practical, actionable strategies to make the mind-shift you need in order to take the sting out of your anxiety. I give you the self-help shortcut to the other side so you don’t have to keep struggling or learn the hard way – on your own.

Baseline Shift

Create a lifestyle that protects you from the vulnerabilities of stress and anxiety. I will equip you with resources and tools so you an maintain a lifestyle in which you embrace calm & declare abundance and joy over your life.

I designed this course for you – with you in mind.

This course was designed for adults who lead busy lives and are so tired of having to be strong than they feel – from constantly battling anxious thoughts, constant worry, and overwhelming fear.

All the lessons are easy to consume and guide you through a journey towards finding healing and embracing calm.

This course is designed for those who are so ready to ditch their anxiety and do the work needed to see lasting change.

I have over 10 years of professional experience implementing these strategies with clients and have used them myself when I struggled with postpartum anxiety – I know they can also work for you!

Hi, I’m Sarah – I love chai tea lattes, the beauty of fall, anything wine, and catching snowflakes on my tongue. You can either find me in my school counselling (as I am a social worker with over 10 years of experience) or chasing 2 little girls around who just love life and keep me on my toes. I also have a hard-working, caring, and supportive husband. I am on this beautiful journey reclaiming freedom from anxiety, pursuing a meaningful career, and embracing each new stage of motherhood.

Research shows that 1 in 5 North Americans have experienced mental health. I became one of those people about 4 years ago when I experienced postpartum anxiety. I know what it’s like to experience panic and fear for no reason. I know what it’s like to feel terrified and shame because of my intrusive thoughts. I know what it’s like to feel trapped in your home because the world outside is just to scary. I know what it is like to be irritable, impatient, and distant from loved ones. I know what it’s like to be so exhausted from trying to always be stronger than I feel. I also know what is like to heal. Healing from a mental illness doesn’t necessarily mean it all goes away but it does mean that it doesn’t control you any more. And it means that you have a healthy relationship with your anxiety so you can still experience a life of abundance and joy.

You can find healing too!

Hey moms, lets have a heart-to-heart… Motherhood is forever, but the time that you are actually raising your children is so short. I know you want to be a mom that is patient, calm and a grounded role model for your very observant children. Motherhood is be such a beautiful journey – lets make it one of abundance, fun, & joy!

What’s included?

Revisit the course content again & again as needed over the different seasons of life.

Sound too good to be true?

why don’t we start here, together…

Road Map For Your Journey


Speaking Truth Into My Life

Understanding Anxiety

The Power of Your Thoughts

Balanced Thinking

Calm & Clarity

Road Map – Next Steps & Beyond

Student Only Facebook Group: This is your space to unpack, be encouraged, ask questions, be vulnerable, and recharge. In this group members will also be encouraged to post successes, challenges, and tips so we can support one another through this beautiful journey!

Live Q & As: Each week I will hop into the Facebook group live to answer any questions member’s have, to help members apply the strategies to their lives, and offer encouragement.

Panic Attack Workbook: I prepared a workbook and mini course for those struggling with panic attacks. I currently sell this workbook on my site but you will get a downloadable copy free. The workbook gives you actionable techniques and a simple step-by-step path.

Free Content Upgrades: Down the road whenever the course is re-launch and new content is added (or if I prepare something new that I just can’t resist adding), you will get access to all the content upgrades at no extra cost!

Did you know that the average counselling session is about $120-$180/hour?
Cost Breakdown – In-person counselling versus online self-help courseCost
7 modules with 3-4 lessons/module = about 9 counselling sessions content & activities.$1080-$1620
8 Live Q & A sessions (30-40min each) at $60-90/session$480-$720
Worksheets, resources, handouts, workbooks etc. $100
Total Value of Course$1660-$2440

Some Important Details

I know that when you struggle with anxiety you like to know what to expect and be organized so you can feel calm and confident. I want to help you out, so I have listed some important details below.

  1. The course officially starts near the end of September 2020, however after the official start date you will be able to access the content whenever you like and go at your own pace.
  2. I will guide you through the course using the Facebook group, however I have also included a course calendar to show you how to best navigate the course – allowing yourself enough time to implement each strategy and step.
  3. All Live Q & A sessions will be recorded and saved in the FB group so you don’t have to worry if you happen to miss one.
  4. Each module contains bite size content and actionable challenges or activities for you to complete.
  5. This course is designed to support you in your relationship with your anxiety, build calm into your life, and learn the tools needed to find freedom from fear and worry! It is a self-help resource. This course can really be helpful for anyone, however it should not replace professional help if you need it!

FAQ – You Got Questions?

  1. When does the course start and finish? The course launches middle of Sept (likely Sept 21, 2020) All videos and content are recorded, so after the launch date you are free to go at your own pace. However, if you wish to have extra support and a community to journey with you can follow the course calendar (which is included). The course calendar will take us through the course over a period of 3 months. Each live Q & A session will be recorded and posted in the FB group!
  2. How long do I have access to the course? How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. All the content is downloadable so you can save it to your own device for future reference. You also have access to any updates/upgrades or new bonuses added to the course each time it launches – for free!
  3. I’m an uber busy person how am I going to find the time for this? Being a mom/professional is busy! I truly understand how hard it can feel to ‘fit one more thing in’. I also know that we make time for the things we prioritize in life. This is a loaded question that I am going to answer in 2 parts: 1) This course was made for those who are busy and overwhelmed. The good news is the course should only take about 1-2 hours/week and is organized into bite size chunks. This means that you aren’t expected to accomplish it all in one sitting. In fact it is probably better for you to break it into 2-3 chunks throughout the week for maximum benefit! All videos will be recorded and posted so you can watch the content on your own time, if needed. *2) I am asking you to start making a mindset shift – one that we are going to further develop in this course. If this course is speaking to you, it likely means that you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, burnt-out, anxious, impatient, and are longing for rest, calm, to be grounded, and reclaim freedom in your life. If any of that is true than I am going to suggest that maybe it’s time to change what life looks like and to reevaluate priorities. Maybe signing up for this course is that first step you need to take! You matter and you deserve this – so if it means letting your house get a little messy, not watching your show, getting a babysitter 1/week, or leaving laundry and dishes for another day than thats ok! Change is scary and change is good!

Let’s Make Something Beautiful Together!

Still have questions? We would love to hear from you! Please email me at mentallyhealthyme@gmail.com

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