Live Simply: Grow, Care, Harvest, Share

When I look at the title I think, wow what a large topic to discuss but I can’t seem to find a way to narrow it down. We are learning so much on this topic and are excited to share our learning with you!

photo - thinking food

(side note, please recognize that these steps and actions are simply the way our family is journeying down this path of minimalism and simple living. Your journey or choices may be different than ours and that is ok. As long as you continue to work towards the overall goal of minimalism – which may also vary hehe). If you want to know our definition check out my first Minimalism blog post here.

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Minimalism – Living Simply

My husband and I have been pondering a lot about minimalism and living simply. Both terms have kind of become fads and of course businesses are using them to market new designs and to continue to suck us in to buying more, however we are slowly discovering the beauty and joy that can be found in living this way. As we wrestle through this journey we thought we would share some learnings and insights along the way….

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Worry Less, Breathe More

Worry – to allow oneself to dwell on difficulty or troubles.

Have you ever felt worried about something or someone? I know I have, and I amguessing you have to. Have you ever felt completely consumed by worry? Felt like you were trapped, unable to escape? Maybe you felt like this flower – the beauty of who you are is held hostage or enslaved by the worry, fear, and stresses around you.

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Teaching Little Ones About BIG Emotions – Deep Breathing

Emotions are big! Emotions can be hard! And emotions can be scary! This is both true for many adults, youth, and children. Although this information is just as important for adults I am writing this post today for all those parents, professionals, or community members who work and interact with children on a regular basis. I write this blog series as a mom of a 3 year old (three-nager), one year old, and as a social worker in elementary schools. I will continue to write many more posts on children and emotions in the future as it is such a big topic and so so important.

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