Pillars of Mental Health

Are you feeling like those winter blues are dragging on? Why are we (in Canada) still getting snow in April? I really do love snow, especially those big fat, slow falling snowflakes – BUT I AM READY FOR SUMMER. It is spring and it still feels like winter outside.

I know that for many of the students I work with, they are struggling to maintain positive mental health right now. I attribute a lot of it to the weather we are experiencing. People are just ready for a change. For the hope and joy that comes with a warm sunny day.

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Valentine’s Day – To Celebrate or not to celebrate?

The perfect card? Flowers? Chocolate? Jewelry? Expensive dinner? O MY!  

I don’t know about you… but I often find myself getting exhausted by holidays which were created as symbols and celebrations of important moments in history that have instead been filled with commercialism, materialism, and expectations. We often forget the deeper meaning behind the holiday and lose sight of its beautiful reminders and significance. And sadly, usually just respond out of expectation.

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